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31 January 2014

The Value of EC Soil Mapping
The Value of EC Soil Mapping

Fertilizer costs and dwindling world mineral reserves are driving the need for better fertilizer efficiency. To make fertilizer applications more efficient, you need to understand the differences that exist in the makeup of your soils across a given field. Using a measurement of the electrical conductivity, we can understand how fertilizers applications can be tailored so that you don't apply too much fertilizer on one section of a field and not enough on another.

Soil EC is a measurement of how much electrical current a soil can conduct. Soil textures (sand, silt, loam or clay) conduct different amounts of current. For example, smaller clay particles conduct more current than do larger silt and sand particles.The EC Mapping device is produced by Veris Technologies, Inc. Soil EC is detected and captured by this machine as it is pulled through the field as seen in the photo. Veris products are of excellent quality, and are being used in over 25 countries, world-wide, to map farms with the accuracy and intensity you need to capture the soil variability that exists on your farm.
Soil EC mapping creates a comprehensive picture of the soil EC, as represented in"zones" of your farm. 

We're now offering Soil EC Zone Mapping at a rate of $15 per acre.  As soon as the ground thaws and its safe to be in the field, we can build Soil EC Maps for your fields.



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