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"Helping Farmers Grow Healthy Crops"

Consulting and Helping

We are here to help

We strive to provide you with expert advice, tools, techniques, and courses to help you and your farm achieve desired results and efficient use of resources and inputs. 
We offer services for your entire farm that include soil profiling, tissue analysis, BRIXº testing, crop scouting, full-season nutrition program development, and more. 

If you would like to get in contact with our agronomists you can fill out our farm profile

Define your goals for success

Everyone can define their goals and success differently. Some would like to see higher yields, some want to spend less on fertilizers, some want to use fewer pesticides, some would like to switch to 100% organic products and some would like to grow better crops. While we understand all of these want to be obtained, finding your top priority this growing season gives us a measurement, it helps us review and build based on what you view as a successful season. 

Test your soil

It all starts with a sample.
Taking a soil sample and having it analyzed can reveal imbalances and limitations in your soil nutrient levels and show you where you may have nutrients "locked up" that may be unavailable to your plants. We can use this information and link it with the goals you have this season. 

Develop comprehensive program

With the information about goals and soil analysis, we can begin to develop a fertility program that is a custom fit for your farm. We can address your soil's limiting factors with amendments, biostimulants, and nutrients that will give you the best return on your inputs investments. 

Monitor and adjust as necessary

There are many ways to monitor progress and this is why it is so important to have your goals for success. We can use tools to monitor your soil and crops progress and then hold it up against your goals to see how we are doing. 
One of our favorite ways to monitor progress is through tissue analysis. This allows us to view your plant's health and do mid-season corrections that can help your crop avoid any unnecessary nutrient deficiencies. By correcting this early on you can help fight against plant stress, disease, and insect pressure - all of which can reduce your yield potential. 
Refractometer readings throughout the season can measure a plant's Brixº levels. Brixº has a direct effect on the quality and flavor of the fruit and can provide an indication of the crop's inherent immunity level to resist disease and pest pressure. 

For more information on our consultations or what we can do for your crops contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a consultation cost?

Nothing! We are here to help you succeed. 
The only cost when it comes to consultations is your soil samples. We will help you read them, offer recommendations and walk alongside you in the season.

Do I have to be organic to use your products?

While we have a large selection of organically certified products, we work with all growers. Organic products are extremely beneficial on conventional farms as well, give us a call to learn more.

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, we have an excellent logistics team that can ship anywhere in North America. We are very familiar with shipping anything from a 1L jug to thousands of litres across the country.

Are there any distributors near me?

You can view all our current distributors on our Distributors Page. If you are interested in becoming a distributor click here

Do you have any training programs?

We try to host a 4-day workshop every year that focuses on nutritional farming practices. Dave deVries also writes a monthly newsletter that is just packed with beneficial information. Dave is also available for teaching bookings and courses. 

What is Nutri-Tech Solutions?

For over 25 years, NTS have been world leaders in discovering a viable alternative to extractive, chemical agriculture. They have developed and refined a sustainable approach to soil and plant management, which we call “Nutrition Farming®”.  Read more here.