We're the "Go-To" Guys for Crop Health Advice.



We study so you don't have to.

While we don't farm to earn our living, we do know crops. For crop health advice, we're your best source.  We spend our days - and nights - studying and mastering the disciplines of plant and soil health. We walk fields and see crops in all growth stages and in all areas of the continent. We read the books and keep abreast of the latest developments in agriculture so you can keep your focus on running the farm.  There's so much to know about plant growth stages, nutrient requirements, crop nutrient profiles, signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiency, soil health, pests and diseases, and everything else you can think of that influences crop production and yield.


Common sense comes naturally.

We never stop learning and growing. We work hard to stay on the leading edge of developments in agriculture but, we're grounded and guided by the principles of nature and employ good, old-fashioned common sense to identify issues and solve problems in the field. We'll teach you everything we know to help you to become an even more successful farm manager.




We eat our own cooking.

What's better is that we're not afraid to "eat our own cooking". We practice what we preach. Every member of our team is involved in our company test plots where we grow a variety of crops including forages, grain crops, soybeans, vegetables and cover crops. Plus, we all grow a personal vegetable garden that provides healthy food for own families. So, we all have first-hand experience using the products and programs that we develop and promote. In short, we know that our programs really work.


We strive to provide you with the expert advice, tools and techniques you need to manage your farm better so you get the best results and achieve more efficient use of costly inputs and resources. In our dedication to your success, we teach and train and help you to develop natural farming practices that will regenerate and restore fully functional, natural biological processes while reducing the need for chemical inputs.


We offer agricultural consulting services for your entire farm to include soil profiling, tissue analysis, BRIX testing, soil nitrate testing, crop scouting, nutrition program development, full-season field monitoring, forage testing and more.


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