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15 April 2020


Welcome to Reading the Fields

March 19, 2020

Agriculture Solutions Inc.

As a company, Agriculture Solutions Inc. is entering its 10th year in business and we have decided to start sharing more of our thoughts, experiences and knowledge with you each month.
I am sure that most of you know who I am, but for those who I have never personally been in contact with, my name is Dave de Vries and I am the President of Agriculture Solutions Inc. I have been a professional agronomist since 2003 and I would like to continue sharing some of the things I have learned and experienced throughout years in the field. Many of you have become great friends and I truly appreciate that. This will be an excellent way for me to share ideas with you on a more regular basis.

March is often known as the Season of Planning amongst farmers and rightfully so! The time of reflecting on past seasons is over and it’s now time to look forward. I fully understand the gravity and sometimes fear of looking ahead, it's not always easy to plan for unknowns, but you are not alone. I am always a phone call or an email away, and I have an extensive team of sales reps and distributors who can help you plan out the season of growing that is now around the corner.

Why is planning so important? 

You wouldn't go camping without the supplies or go on a road trip without a map, and you shouldn't let your livelihood move forward without direction. A good friend of mine said that if he doesn’t already know what he is going to plant in his fields five years from now, he’s already behind. Think of it this way: when you have a baby, you feed it nutritious food from the beginning, knowing it will grow to be strong and healthy. You give its body nutrients so that in five years from now they will be able to run and jump and fall down without breaking bones. If you started feeding your child nutritious food at 5 years old, it would already be way behind, which would have consequences of its own. Planning ahead makes things easier in the long-run, sets you and your farm up for success, and makes adjustments later just that much easier. 

How can you plan today? 

The easiest thing to do is to think ahead. Not just for this season, but for the seasons going forward as well. Start planning to take soil and tissue samples which enable you to find deficiencies in your fields. Start planning for cover cropping and feeding back into your fields. Plan ahead for nutrient-rich fertility programs so you can grow great food. Get in touch with one of our agronomists. Our team has extensive knowledge that can help you look more holistically at your business, and find ways to make improvements. Our distributors have been trained and know the answers. Anything we don't know, we will find out, that’s our commitment to growing naturally with you. We can sit down with you and your team and start planning for a more successful, profitable and self-sustaining farm with something as simple as a five-year plan. 

In my upcoming emails I will aim to bring relevant topics and ideas to you all along with my knowledge and insight from years of experience.

Give us a call at 1-855-247-6548 or email me at

As always I am grateful for all of you and I hope to bring great blessings to each of you.


Dave de Vries
Agriculture Solutions Inc.



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