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When we say "real" we mean things that occur in nature - - naturally.  That is, organically, not inorganically.  Like real butter and real sugar, we like the real thing because that's what nature made. Nothing is better for a plant than nutrients delivered in their purest form.


If you think about where nitrogen comes from, most of it comes from the air. The soil's microorganisms (microbes) fix nitrogen from the air and make it available to plants. Potassium, calcium and phosphorus come from nature in mineral, ionic salt or rock form. Soft rock phosphate, for instance, is ground into talc-like powder and used as an amendment for your soil. Once in the ground, the soil's fertilizer factory of microbes digest raw nutrients to produce plant-available forms which they hand-deliver to hungry crop roots.


The soil's microbes are a critically important factor affecting nutrient availability for your crop. Without them, your crops starve for nutrients and, as a farmer, you are forced to feed your plants with added nutrition.  But, when you use chemically derived (inorganic) fertilizers that burn and kill the microbes, your soil is left void of the very life that feeds your crops.

Our products promote microbial life in the soil and stimulate microbial population expansion and activity. The more microbes you have in your soil, the more nutrients can be delivered to your crops and the healthier your crops will be.  It's that simple.


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