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Nutri-Tech Solutions

We are proud to be the exclusive distributors for NTS in North America. 

So what is Nutri-Tech Solutions?

Nutri-Tech Solutions is the Home of Nutrition Farming®

NTS is committed to improving profitability for farmers. Food production is the most important of all professions and farmers must be nurtured, protected, and supported in every way. Farming needs to be more profitable, more sustainable, and more fun and we are passionately producing education, strategies, and inputs to help achieve these goals.

Their secondary goal is to improve soil health, plant health, human health, and, more recently, this mission has been extended to include planetary health (in relation to global warming). The thin veil of topsoil that grows our food is fast diminishing, and there is an urgent need for soil restoration initiatives. The entire NTS team is driven to improve the quality of the food that sustains us all, to reduce the chemical contamination of that food, and, most importantly, to restore soil health and associated carbon sequestration across the globe.

NTS CEO and co-founder, Graeme Sait, is an author/educator responsible for over 300 published articles and a popular book, Nutrition Rules!. He is an internationally sought-after speaker, specializing in soil, plant, animal and human health and wellness. That emphasis has now expanded to include planetary health, in recognition of the link between humus and carbon sequestration. Following his TEDx presentation in 2013, Graeme has continued to create a major impact, influencing farmers, consultants, medicos, governments, and key decision-makers worldwide.

For over 25 years, NTS have been world leaders in discovering a viable alternative to extractive, chemical agriculture. We have developed and refined a sustainable approach to soil and plant management, which we call “Nutrition Farming®

Graeme Sait

NTS Products

Micronised Mineral Suspensions (MMS)

Dry Mineral Fertilizers

Some of NTS's material

Nutrition Matters

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soil & crop nutrition.

Nutrition Farming Podcast

The podcast format allows growers to absorb this information at their leisure. You can listen in the ute or the tractor, or it may even become a bedtime story (if you can handle that much stimulation before sleep!).


Certificate in Nutrition Farming®

Knowledge is empowerment – this leading sustainable agriculture course has enlightened thousands of trainees globally over 18 years.