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NTS BAM™ (Beneficial Anaerobic Microbes)

NTS BAM™ is a bio-balancing blend of anaerobic organisms that increases nutrient solubilization, improves root development and function, fixes atmospheric nitrogen, improves crop resilience. BAM (Beneficial Anaerobic Microbes) is a liquid microbial inoculum that can be used to produce superior compost in a fraction of the time. It is also effective to treat stagnant manure ponds. It is highly effective as a compost accelerant, stubble digestor, pathogen suppressor, it can detoxify chemical residues and more.

Non-pathogenic groups of anaerobes can offer profound benefits in the soil, on the leaf, in manure pits, in composting, when bailing high moisture forage crops, and as an animal probiotic. Unlike pathogenic bacteria, these organisms ferment rather than putrefy, and they offer a truly impressive set of benefits. 

There are no other single options available that can reduce chemical and fertilizer requirements, increase humus, cleanse water holes, sanitize sewerage, spark animal health and performance, improve the nutrient value of animal feed, and dramatically improve the sustainability and potential of composting.

For 100L Barrel, 500L 1/2 Tote, and 1000L Tote pricing and volume discounts, please contact us at 855-247-6548 or email

Price range : CAD $47.00 to CAD $100.00

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