What is TriaGrow?

TriaGrow contains triacontanol, a powerful plant growth regulator naturally found in abundance in the leaves of most plants



What can TriaGrow for my crops?

Triacontanol affects many aspects of growth and results in increased yield, uptake of water and nutrients as well as fruit and flower number, size and quality, and essential oil production. It also triggers the release of adenosine, a fast-acting second messenger important for the regulation of transpiration and translocation of sugar and other metabolites. Apply TriaGrow to enhance growth, protect against abiotic stress, and increase overall crop yields.


What's in TriaGrow?

• Triacontanol is naturally found in plant cuticle waxes and beeswax and is abundant in the leaves of most plants.
• Triacontanol allows plants to uptake nutrients and water more efficiently which allows for more efficient utilization of fertilizers and supplements already being applied (increases usefulness of current crop treatments).
• It improves yield, growth, photosynthesis, protein synthesis, uptake of water and nutrients, nitrogen-fixation, enzyme activity and contents of free amino acids, reducing sugars, soluble protein and active constituents of essential oil in various crops


How should I use TriaGrow?

TriaGrow works best when used in addition to other dry or liquid fertilizers. Agitate tank while applying. For home and garden use, add concentrate to water and agitate prior to application or filling spray bottle. Do NOT exceed recommended milligrams of Active Ingredient per Hectare (MG AI/HA). Applying at higher rates can have negative effects on growth.


TriaGrow is available in 500mL, 1L, 4L, 10L and 20L Jugs. It is also available in bulk. Please call 855 247 6548 or email [email protected] for more information or to place an order.


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The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


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