TrueStim™ contains a balanced blend of nutrients that promote plant production throughout the action of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis produces plant sugars which are the building blocks for advanced compounds in plants that help boost immunity and enable critical plant functions such as reproduction and plant growth. Photosynthesis is responsible for converting sunlight into sugars which are 90% of plant production. TrueStim™ can also aid in the translocation of sugars into the roots, where in turn improves nutrient uptake and promotes reproduction and growth internally and externally in the plant. With the product having a high source of zinc, can help with leaf size. Since the leaf acts as the plant's solar panel, it takes in most of the nutrients and produces sugars that determine how the plant is going to perform. a

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Pairs well with

Boron Powder 20.5%



naturally-derived concentrate of ocean minerals


the three most advantageous seaweed species

TrueHume™ Fulvic70

100% soluble, 70% fulvic acid powder

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