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TrueBlend™ Foliar VG is a perfectly formulated organic blend of nutrients, micro-nutrients, and bio-stimulants.

TrueBlend™ Foliar VG will help to sustain high levels of energy in your crops and promote biological life in your soil. Spraying with TrueBlend™ Foliar VG allows you to target nutrition at specific growth stages to give your plants exactly what they need when they need it. TrueBlend™ Foliar VG solution contains plant-available nutrients that are easily absorbed to supply a consistent, quality source of nutrition from planting to harvest.

Due to the life-promoting attributes of our TrueBlend™ Foliar VG, conventional farmers, as well as organic farmers, are seeing the benefits that continue to compound, year after year. Healthy plants perform at higher levels, producing higher yields with higher quality.


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How to Apply

TrueBlend™ Foliar VG is a concentrate and should be diluted with clean, fresh water to an 8% solution and is generally applied at a rate of 6-8 liters per acre at regular intervals starting at vegetative growth and continuing until harvest. Avoid spraying during extreme heat or just before rain. It is best to apply in the morning. Shake well before using. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

* A jar test should be conducted when mixing TrueBlend™ Foliar VG with any other product to ensure compatibility.

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