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We hope that everyone had a successful harvest to wrap up 2019!  Our Spring Ahead Early-Order Discount is our offer to you to help prepare in advance for 2020 in a smooth and organized way. We are now offering a 5% discount on a wide range of both Nutri-Tech Solutions and Agriculture Solutions Products. Click below to view discounted products online: 


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Life Force BAM Anaerobic Species for the Soil - Organic (1000L) 

Life Force Bio-N Nitrogen-Freeing Microbial Product - Organic (5L) 

Life Force Bio-P Phosphorus-Freeing Microbial Product - Organic (5L) 

Life Force Bio-Plex Biological Growth Promoter - Organic (5L) 

Dia-Life Pure Micronised Diatomaceous Earth (1000L) 

Phos-Life Micronised Calcium Phosphate (1000L) 

Life Force Platform Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi  (10kg bag, USA ONLY)

Potassium Silicate Liquid Source of Potassium and Silica (200L) 

Nutri-Key Shuttle Seven Seven Micronutrients Growth Enhancer (1000L, 100L, 10L) 

Nutri-Stim Triacontanol Growth and Photosynthesis Enhancer (20L) 

Tri-Kelp Soluble Organic Seaweed Powder - Organic (1000kg 50 x 20kg bags)  

Veg-Tech Triple Ten 10-10-10 Natural Liquid Growth Promoter (200L) 



Sea-Crop Ocean Mineral Concentrate - Organic (1000L) 

TrueBlend Starter - Organic (1000L) 

TrueCal 10% Liquid Calcium - Organic (1000L)  

TrueKelp Powder - Premium Soluble Kelp Extract - Organic (1000kg) 

TrueStim Photosynthesis Enhancer - Organic (1000L) 

TrueHume Fulvic70 Soluble Fulvic Acid Powder - Organic (1000L) 

TrueHume 80G Soluble Humate Powder - Organic (1000L)   

TrueHume 80P Soluble Humate Granules - Organic (1000L) 



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