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Soil Conditioning


Building healthy soil involves ongoing practice of field management strategies that maintain nutrient balance and build good soil structure. But how do you know if your soil is healthy? Soil that is considered healthy has a high capacity for water storage, and good water management properties such as retention and infiltration. It also contains a volume and balance of nutrients that is healthy for plants and soil microbial life.  Most critical is that a healthy soil contains large populations of microbes and other beneficial organisms like earthworms that can supply a steady stream of nutrition to your crops while keeping populations of pathogenic organisms in check.


Building healthy soil


So, how do you make or promote healthy soil? It's simple. You promote the development of organic matter in your soil. Organic matter is made by microbial digestion of crop residues, so a healthy and happy microbial population is necessary to build organic matter. The most important thing to remember is not to do anything to your fields and soil that reduces organic matter.


No substitute for good field management


In addition to using good field management practices that conserve and build organic matter such as reduced tillage and planting cover crops, you may also need to supplement these practices with application of products that will help to promote and build health in the soil.  We offer a variety of soil conditioning and biological promotants that have been specifically designed to help quickly break down crop residues into usable nutrients, eliminate disease from your fields and build organic matter levels back into your soils.


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