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Healthy microbes will extend your investment in fertilizer.


A healthy microbial community is essential to building healthy soil and healthy soil is essential to growing healthy plants. But, what is healthy soil? Healthy soil is a soil that is rich in plant-available nutrients. Do you know where plant-available nutrients come from? You can get a FREE supply of plant-available nutrients from microbes. That's right. Microbes digest soil mineral reserves and turn them into fertilizer for your crops. Feeding your microbes with bio-stimulant fertilizers provides them with a rich "microbe" diet. Bio-stimulants are one cost-effective way to keep your microbes alive, flourishing, and working for you, in order that they'll continue to squeeze the most dollar from the fertilizer that you already regularly apply to your fields.


Several studies have documented that fungicides and herbicides can be detrimental to microbial life in the soil. In these cases, where soil organic matter is also low, it is often necessary to inoculate the soil with populations of beneficial microbes to jump start the life cycle. In other cases where there is evidence of soil microbial life, it may only be necessary to provide a food source to sustain and grow the populations that are already present in the soil. Read more about the importance of a healthy microbial community.


Bio-stimulants that bring life back to your soil.


Agriculture Solutions offers several unique bio-stimulant products designed to give your microbial life a boost.


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