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Agriculture Solutions Inc is proud to announce that we are offering a new line of products from ASLE Technologies Group of Alberta.


Through trial plots and research, the use of ATG Products in combination has been proven to give results in all crops such as cereals, pulses, corn and many others.


ATG Products offer many benefits for your crops including:

- Earlier germination and better root development

- 100% Plant available nutrients

- Salt-free and the highest plant nutrient absorption

- Higher yields, faster growth, and earlier maturity

- Increased resistance to diseases and adverse weather conditions


By offering Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium specific fertilizers combined with Energy Management products to boost photosynthesis and nutrient absorption efficiency, the ATG line offers your crops instant nutrient availability for optimal growth and production. Every year ASLE Technology Group (ATG) collaborates with universities, independent research institutions, producer associations and innovative growers in Canada and the US to conduct 3rd party research trials. ATG Products have demonstrated consistent results on crop performance and yield across different soils, crops, and climates.


ATG products contain 100% Plant Available Nutrients (N, P, and K) in shelf-stable, easy to handle forms. ATG Products require significantly low application rates compared to other organic fertilizers and can help organic growers utilize all of their cropland every year. ATG Products contribute to a sustainable farming system by replenishing soils with organic matter. ATG products offer a significantly higher guaranteed analysis compared to commonly available organic nutrient sources, without any disadvantages such as odors, low nutrient availability, high salt content, and weed contamination. 



Click on the Crop to Download the Crop-Specific Research Trial:  Canola | Corn | Potato | Pulses | Wheat



ATG NF 10-8-7 Granules for Soil Application

ATG NF 10-5-3-6(S) Foliar Fertilizer

ATG NF 12-10-10 Soluble Powder

ATG NF 10-2-2 Soluble N Fertilizer

 ATG NF 0-10-2 Soluble P Fertilizer

ATG NF 0-2-10 Soluble K Fertilizer

 ATG Green Miracle Foliar

 ATG Crop Booster Foliar





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