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There is no better time to go organic than now! The era of Organic growing, eating and living is upon us and it is a good time to be alive.

A time where nutritious food is becoming more popular everyday, where farmers can let their children run in the fields again, and a time when the world is recognizing that health is not a given anymore, and what we spray on our food directly affects our health. This is the time to make the change.


What happens when a farm chooses to transition to Organic?

They see better water quality and retention. Droughts and dry spells become less of a worry as your soil retains the water for longer periods of time. Runoff water does not contain chemicals.
They see an increase in biology and biodiversity below and above the ground. You will often hear from our team that farming truly starts from the soil up, and when you choose to go Organic, you start a journey of building a healthy, rich, biodiverse soil from which your plants will love and thrive.

They see the benefits of a healthy farm. Not just healthy soil, but healthy, clean air. Air they are proud to watch their children breathe. Dirt their kids can play with and in. Windows that stay open all hours of the day because, when you spray organic, you can breathe easily. They see their families happy, healthy and safe.

They support the pollinators. Bees and other such pollinators are free labour! Why not use them? When you spray and apply organic inputs, you don’t kill the free workers, you encourage them!

They maintain healthy soils. It cannot be said enough that healthy, thriving soil is a requirement for a thriving plant. Here at Agriculture Solutions Inc., we encourage biodiversity, feeding into your soil and minimizing your inputs to what only a soil sample shows you need and a plant needs.

Finally, they get to grow chemical-free crops. There is no better feeling than knowing that while you maintain a successful farm, you are also contributing to the health of the world!

We are here to help! We have an excellent line of certified-organic products and many trained advisors and distributors across North America who are ready to help you change farming for the better.We also offer education and are always available for any questions you may have.

Feel free to reach out to us, learn how you can maximize your inputs, change your soil, strengthen your plants and create a positive affect on our country and globe.

This is your time, and we’re here to help.



Our approach to your organic farm is like any other, but with a special sensitivity to the organic regulations that you must work within. Maximizing your yields and your profits is two-fold—let's address soil biology and address nutrient deficiencies in your soil.


As an organic grower, you hopefully will become a master of your soil microbial communities, helping to encourage them as much as possible. The soil microbes are your secret work-force that will improve the overall nutrient availability, resistance to pests and disease, and nutrient density of your organic crop. Encourage strong soil microbial communities with microbe favorites like bio-stimulants, humic and fulvic acids, aloe, kelp, molasses and more.


Inoculate with mycorrhizal fungi, nitrogen fixating bacteria, and phosphorous solubilizing bacteria. Grow cover crops to nourish your soil year-round. For mineral deficiencies, we carry the highest quality liquid fish, as well as sea minerals to provide a balanced spectrum of over 80 micronutrients, trace and ultra trace nutrients.


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