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Many organic growers have told us that they have trouble finding organic approved inputs for use on their farms. As a result, they have had to try to grow quality crops with limited inputs. Unfortunately, this leaves organic farmers at a disadvantage with limited ability to address imbalances and deficiencies through targeted, nutritiona starters and foliars for their crops.


That's why we've searched the globe to source some of the world's finest organic farming fertilizers and other inputs. With a broad array of nutrients and micronutrients along with bio-stimulants, inoculants and humates, we can supply a full spectrum of products designed with crop health and high production in mind.


While most every product we offer is naturally-based, these products are approved for organic use in Canada. Many of the products in our organic line are also OMRI listed and approved for the use in the United States, too.


Our approach to your organic farm is like any other, but with a special sensitivity to the organic regulations that you must work within. Maximizing your yields and your profits is two-fold—let's address soil biology and address nutrient deficiencies in your soil.


As an organic grower, you hopefully will become a master of your soil microbial communities, helping to encourage them as much as possible. The soil microbes are your secret work-force that will improve the overall nutrient availability, resistance to pests and disease, and nutrient density of your organic crop. Encourage strong soil microbial communities with microbe favorites like bio-stimulants, humic and fulvic acids, aloe, kelp, molasses and more.


Inoculate with mycorrhizal fungi, nitrogen fixating bacteria, and phosphorous solubilizing bacteria. Grow cover crops to nourish your soil year-round. For mineral deficiencies, we carry the highest quality liquid fish, as well as sea minerals to provide a balanced spectrum of over 80 micronutrients, trace and ultra trace nutrients.


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