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NTS Platform™ - USA ONLY

NTS Platform™ is a highly effective inoculant that contains Mycorrhizal fungi, Trichoderma, and beneficial bacteria. Mycorrhizal fungi extend the root system of your crop to increase available plant nutrition, while Trichoderma act to protect the root zone from soil-borne pathogens. The combination of Mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma into one blend is very unique because normally Trichoderma will attack Mycorrhizal fungi due to Trichoderma's predatory characteristics. This blend, however, has selected specific varieties of each species that work in concert so that you receive the dual benefits of both species to expand your root system's capacity to reach mineral nutrition and decrease root disease. The addition of beneficial bacteria serves several roles including nitrogen-fixing, stimulating plant immune defense to suppress soil-borne disease, and improving nutrient availability in the soil.

Available for purchase in the USA ONLY - If you order this in Canada we will be required to refund your order. Thank you for your understanding.

For volume discounts, please contact us at 855-247-6548 or email

Price range : CAD $270.00 to CAD $2170.00

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