NTS Bio-P™

NTS Bio-P™ provides a simple and cost-affordable solution to the problem of the phosphorous conundrum. All soils with a history of applied fertilizer contain large amounts of insoluble phosphate that is locked up or "frozen" due to the habit of the phosphate ion to tightly bind to positive cations in the soil profile. Life-Force Bio-P is designed to solubilize these phosphorous reserves by utilizing two specialist bacteria, Azotobacter species in conjunction with a phosphate liberator – Bacillus subtilis. These bacteria provide a faster release of rock phosphate and enhance phosphate release to your crop throughout the whole growing season.

Imagine that the frozen phosphorous reserves that are stored in your soil are like dollars in your pocket. It is there in the soil, but it has not yet provided its maximum benefit and profit to your crop yields, and ultimately your wallet. This year, instead of applying higher amounts of insoluble phosphate fertilizers, why not keep that money in your pocket and do something to free the phosphorous already waiting idly in your soil? Use Bio-P™ and the incredible power of microbial activity to solubilize the rock phosphate.

In addition to improving phosphorus availability, Life-Force Bio-P has also been shown to promote root growth and strength, increase yield, quality, and Brix levels.

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