What is TrueStim™?

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TrueStim™ is a growth stimulator that works to improve photosynthesis for enhanced production of plant sugars while also providing a source of ingredients necessary to promote high levels of photosynthesis including Calcium, Potassium, Boron and many more beneficial nutrients.


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What can it do for my crops?

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TrueStim™ contains a balanced blend of nutrients that promote plant production throughout the action of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis produces plant sugars which are the building blocks for advanced compounds in plants that help boost the immunity and enable critical plant functions such as reproduction and plant growth. Photosynthesis is responsible for converting sunlight into sugars which is 90% of plant production. TrueStim™ can also aid in the translocation of sugars into the roots, where in turn improves nutrient uptake and promotes reproduction and growth internally and externally in the plant. With the product having a high source of zinc, can help with leaf sizing. Since the leaf acts as the plants solar panel, it takes in most of the nutrients and produces sugars that determine how the plant is going to perform.  


What's in it?

TrueStim™ has a balanced blend of nutrients that your plants can thrive on! One nutrient this product is high in is calcium, which is derived from calcium chloride brine, magnesium and boron where this comes from concentrated ocean mineral water. It also contains many potassium, bio-stimulants and plant growth promoters that are derived from kelp. Lastly TrueStim™ contains trace amounts of other major micronutrients that include zinc and iron. The calcium can assist in strengthening the plant cell walls and contributing to the overall quality and better aroma in the plant. The Zinc assists in the leave sizing attribute in the plants life cycle. Bigger leaves equal better ability to produce photosynthesis and therefore can create a better yielding and producing crop. All in all TrueStim™ can create a wonderful, healthy, nutritious, sun loving and productive plant!  


How should I use it?

TrueStim™ can be used as a foliar by itself or in conjunction with other phosphorus-based multi-mineral fertilizers such as TrueBlend foliar.  This can ensure a balanced supply of all the essential elements for the crop. When your crop is in stress, such as extreme temperature or drought, TrueStim™ can be applied as a recue remedy! Depending on the crop, depends on the timing and rate applied for this product. It can vary between 3-6L to the acre. Please click and read the product brief for exact ratios, or contact Agriculture Solutions for more details.   


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 The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


TrueStim™ is a registered trademark of Agriculture Solutions, Inc.


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