What are TrueHume Diamond 12% Liquid Humates?

TrueHume Diamond 12% Liquid Humates are a natural, chelating blend of humic substances containing both humic and fulvic acids, offered in a 12% solution.


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What can TrueHume liquid humates do for my crops?liquid humates Analysis Block 300

Liquid Humates can provide immediate benefit to plants and also improve soil conditions as they are natural chelators or "claws" that hold onto nutrients and water in the soil.  Liquid Humates can hold onto all nutrients and raise your CEC for maximum nutrient holding capacity.  Liquid Humates can be used as a soil amendment, a foliar spray, and a fertilizer enhancer.


Humic acid plays an important role in promoting plant growth and root development. Humic acid can help to promote better seed germination, healthier plants, and improved yields. Liquid Humates mix well with other products and help to breakdown fall crop residues. They can help to break up compacted soil, enhancing water penetration and better root zone growth and development. As a chelating agent, it optimizes any fertilizer program and may reduce future nutrient requirements. Liquid Humates assist in reducing nutrient leaching and salinity build up in soils and can help stimulate healthy microbial activity in the soil.


What's in TrueHume liquid humates?

Liquid Humates are derived from naturally occurring, oxidized, sub-bituminous coal from Alberta, Canada, that is rich in humified organic matter and identified as humalite which is similar to lignite and leonardite but is lower in ash and toxic metals. Humalite is notable for its high concentration of humic acid – the active ingredient in humus. Procured along the sub-bituminous coalfields of Alberta, it contains at least 80% humic acid – the active ingredient in humic substances. Our Liquid Humates contain humic and fulvic acids with minimal impurities and are 100% organic.


How should I use TrueHume liquid humates?

This unique formula can be utilized for both foliar and soil applications. A soil analysis will help determine recommendations for the most accurate application. This formula can be used in seed treatment, root dip and transplant solution applications, as well as preplant, in-furrow, and side dress applications.

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The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


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