What is TrueBlend™ Starter?

TrueBlend™ Starter is a perfect, organic blend of nutrients, micro-nutrients and bio-stimulants that will provide your new seedlings the boost they need for fast initial root and top growth.


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What can TrueBlend™ Starter do for my crops?

trueblend starter analysis block 0317 300Applying our organic TrueBlend™ Starter will give your organic operation a real boost because your seeds will sprout and emerge out of the ground faster, and have the critical nutrients they need when they're determining yield factors. TrueBlend™ is formulated with ingredients that nourish your microbes that are just waiting to boom into your soil. Because of the synergistic relationship between plants and the life-promoting characteristics of TrueBlend™ organic starter, even conventional farmers are seeing the overwhelming benefits and are choosing to use it! When you use TrueBlend™, you deliver a consistent and sustained nutrient supply to your crops that starts at germination and remains available through several critical points of influence in the plant's life.


What's in TrueBlend™ Starter?

TrueBlend™ is a quintessential blend of all the best, plant-available organic ingredients. Your plants will love it! It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, micro-nutrients, trace and ultra-trace minerals, and bio-stimulants. This organic blend not only addresses all the nutritional needs of your plants, but also promotes microbial life in your soil, making even more nutrients available, overall.


How should I use my TrueBlend™ Starter?

TrueBlend™ Starter is a unique, organic blend formulated to promote germination and to supply the necessary nutrients at the most critical times of the plant's life. It is designed for use in the row or to be applied as a side dress. While our TrueBlend™ organic starter is effective individually, it can be followed with TrueBlend™ Foliar as part of an overall plant nutrition program that will produce the highest quality results.


Because of the natural properties of this material, it is necessary to agitate the TrueBlend Starter.


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TrueBlend™ starter is approved for organic inputs in Canada. Check with your certifier before using it.


For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


TrueBlend is a registered trademark of Agriculture Solutions Inc.


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