What is Triple Ten™?

Triple Ten™ is a comprehensive, full-spectrum liquid fertilizer that uses state-of-the-art fusion to create the best overall fertilizer for both conventional and nutrition farming operations.


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Triple Ten Analysis Block 300Triple Ten™ (10-10-10) combines a hot-mix NPK blend, chelated trace elements and natural growth promotants. These natural growth promotants include fulvic acid, seaweed fertilizer and vitamins. 


What can it do for my crops?

Triple Ten promotes healthy, vigorous growth, improved root structure, more even fruit size and better colour, early maturity, increased yield and quality, better taste and shelf life, broad-spectrum nutrition and plant growth promotion.


What's in it?

Triple 10 not only has a 10-10-10 analysis of NPK, but it is also packed with essential background micro-nutrition, amino acids, vitamins, worm castings, triacontanol, and much more. Triple Ten has been created using a hot mix NPK process. The fun and simple explanation of a hot mix NPK is that the three separate nutrients, N-P-K, are thrown together in a large combustion chamber where they are allowed to react to and explode in one another's presence. When the fireworks are over and the solution has cooled down, the resulting N-P-K becomes the base for Triple Ten. This N-P-K is a different form than the three raw nutrients that were used to begin the reactive process.


The result is that the Triple Ten N-P-K carries the extra energy from the hot mix process. It is this extra energy that amplifies all of the positive nutrition and bio-stimulating power that is packed into Triple Ten, making it possible to get results at relatively low rates.


How should I use it?

As a comprehensive liquid fertilizer, Triple Ten can be used in multiple ways to provide a full-spectrum palate of available mineral nutrition, plant growth promotants, and chelators for your crop. Triple Ten can be used as a foliar, in fertigation systems or can be applied directly to the soil. It is ideal when used in rotation with other inputs on all types of crops at rates between 1-4 L/ac, depending on crop type, crop growth stage and application method.


We've received some questions from farmers about the relatively low recommended application rate of Triple Ten. They baffle at the possibility that so much nutrition and plant growth stimulation can be achieved at the rate of just 1-2 L/acre.


By applying Triple Ten either at planting or as a foliar spray, you give your crop a boost of almost all the nutrition and biostimulants that it needs to maintain productivity and vitality. The only macronutrient not present in Triple Ten is Calcium. 

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 The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


Triple Ten™ is a registered trademark of Nutri-Tech Solutions P/K (NTS) www.nutri-tech.com.au


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