What is Nutri-Stim™ Triacontanol?

A powerful plant growth promotant and naturally occurring photosynthetic enhancer


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What can Triacontanol do for my crops?Triacontanol Analysis Block 300

Nutri-Stim™ Triacontanol is a compound that increases photosynthesis, plant growth, and reproduction. Since photosynthesis is responsible for over 90% of plant production, your goal is to maximize the amount of photosynthetic activity occurring in your crops' foliage. You may be wondering, how does this work?


When photosynthesis is running like a finely tuned machine, your crop is building more sugars. Since a plant sends over 60% of its sugars as exudates through its roots, increased photosynthesis sends more sugars to the rhizosphere -  the soil around the root zone. These sugars, along with the plant's increased respiration from photosynthesis, stimulate more soil microbial activity in the root zone. When your microbes receive these sugar exudates from photosynthesis, they can do a more efficient job of mining for the mineral nutrition, particularly the trace nutrients, that your crop needs. From this mineral nutrition, your crop is able to build the more complex plant compounds — compounds that maximize yield and increase resistance to pest and disease. The bottom line is that, by maximizing photosynthesis, you improve nearly every function in your crop.


Nutri-Stim™ Triacontanol has been scientifically proven to increase cell division rates, which produces larger root and shoot mass. When sprayed on plants during growth periods, it activates secondary messengers which increase enzymatic and hormone activity to boost °Brix levels and plant immunity. Other studies on Triacontanol have shown it to improve protein synthesis, promote flowering, tillering and branching, reduce flower and fruit drop, increase crop height, and foster earlier crop maturity.


What's in Triacontanol?

Nutri-Stim™ Triacontanol is a naturally occurring plant compound, a long chain alcohol to be exact, that is derived from alfalfa. This solution is 2.5% Triacontanol, with a pH between 8-9 and appears as a milky, viscous liquid.


How do I use Triacontanol?

Nutri-Stim™ Triacontanol is best applied as a foliar diluted in water. The chemistry of Triacontanol is such that it does not mix easily with other materials. Compatibility and/or performance cannot be guaranteed when combined with other products. 


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The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


Nutri-Stim™ is a registered trademark of Nutri-Tech Solutions P/K (NTS) www.nutri-tech.com.au


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