What is SeaPack™ Oceanic Hydrolysate 2-1-0.3?

SeaPack™ is an organic liquid fertilizer - seafood hydrolysate, which contains salmon, crab and shrimp. 


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What can it do for my crops?

SeaPack™ Oceanic Hydrolysate 2-1-0.3 is an amazing plant immune booster. This product can improve plant vigour and health, and also soil health. It can help rebuild and replenish unproductive soil by promoting the growth of beneficial organisms that provide both macro and micro-nutrients to your plants.


From the different types of sea-creatures in this mix, the shells, cartilage and bones of these are rich in other compounds that can help build complex proteins and sugars that can increase nutrient density, overall quality and storability for your crops. This product is bio-active and can accelerate the breakdown of soil nutrients. This would therefore increase the availability of nutrient levels in the soil.


Whats in it?

SeaPack™ is filled with many micro and macro nutrients and has three different types of sea creatures incorporated into it. They include salmon, crab and shrimp. This product is also filled with lots of omega-3 and chitin nutrition for a sustained response.


How should I use it?

As a comprehensive liquid fertilizer, SeaPack can be used in multiple ways to provide a full-spectrum palate of available mineral nutrition, bio-active nutrients and chitin. This in turn makes this product different than other fish products.


SeaPack can be added to your regular fertility regimen as a low-cost, effective source of nitrogen and unique bio-active ingredients. It can be useful in planting solutions and in foliar, drip and fertigation solutions for all crops. SeaPack is screened to 150 mesh for trouble-free drip and foliar spray applications.


The rate of application is dependent on the crop, timing and application method. It can also be dependent on the results of a tissue and/or soil analysis. Typically, the rate is 4-8 L (up to 20) per acre.


A jar test should be conducted when mixing SeaPack with any other product before applying the mixture on a large scale. While this product can be used individually, the product is not intended to provide all the fertility needed by plants. The highest quality results can be achieved when this product is used as part of a comprehensive crop fertility program. 



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The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


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