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SeaPack™ Oceanic Hydrolysate 2-1-0.3.
Product Information

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SeaPack™ is an organic liquid fertilizer seafood hydrolysate, which contains salmon, crab, and shrimp

SeaPack™ is unique from other hydrolysates, especially those that contain only fish. SeaPack™ contains an amazing substance called chitin. Chitin comes from the hard shells of crustaceans (shrimp and crab) and has been shown to inhibit fungal growth and development and has been reported to be active against viruses, bacteria, and other pests. Chitin and chitosan are known to lead to a variety of plant defense responses against pathogenic infections. SeaPack™ also contains a 3% Fulvic Acid Content, as well as 1.8% Calcium content.


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How to Apply

As a comprehensive liquid fertilizer, SeaPack can be used in multiple ways to provide a full-spectrum palette of available mineral nutrition, bio-active nutrients, and chitin. This in turn makes this product different than other fish products. 

SeaPack™ can be added to your regular fertility regimen as a low-cost, effective source of nitrogen and unique bio-active ingredients. It can be useful in planting solutions and in foliar, drip, and fertigation solutions for all crops. SeaPack™ is screened to 150 mesh for trouble-free drip and foliar spray applications.

The rate of application is dependent on the crop, timing, and application method. It can also be dependent on the results of a tissue and/or soil analysis. Typically, the rate is 4-8 L (up to 20) per acre.

* A jar test should be conducted when mixing SeaPack™ with any other product to ensure compatibility.

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Stage of Application

Soil and foliar

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