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Sea-Crop® is a naturally-derived concentrate of ocean minerals

Sea-Crop® is naturally derived from ocean water and is produced using a special process that protects the enzymes and organic substances that occur in oceans. Over 89 elements and minerals are present in Sea-Crop®. These trace elements are presented in a highly available form and provide important enzyme co-factors that enable plants to form more complete compounds.

• Sea-Crop® contains 20% solids by weight, which include at least 89 different marine minerals from aluminum to zirconium, as well as organic substances.


/Acre Rate

2L - 10L


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How to Apply

Sea-Crop® liquid concentrate can be used in a soil drench, transplant solution, in irrigation systems, or can be foliar applied. On perennial crops, apply in the fall as a soil drench for best results. On annual crops, apply as a drench at planting. Can be combined with most fertilizers except soluble phosphates. For best results, do not combine Sea-Crop® with herbicides. 

• Foliar spray 2-8L per acre, 10-14 days after each cutting. 

• Foliar spray 2-3L per acre, every 3-4 weeks. 

• Foliar spray 2-8L per acre at appropriate plant stages. 

For serious disease issues, increase the rate up to 10x for the best response.

* A jar test should be conducted when mixing TrueLaunch with any other product to ensure compatibility.

Rate per Acre

2L - 10L


Stage of Application


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