What is Phyter Foliar?

Phyter is a plant amendment foliar spray containing a naturally-occurring plant inoculant that contributes to overall plant health.


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What can Phyter Foliar do for my Crops?

phyter foliar web logoIn trials, Phyter has been shown to promote effective resistance in soy and other legumes, pulses, corn, cereal grains, oil seed such as canola, vegetables, berries, cannabis and more. It contains a beneficial endophyte that rapidly colonizes plant tissues, improving tolerance to external stress. It strengthens the crop’s natural immunity against abiotic stressors. This amazing organism induces internal plant defense mechanisms through spatial occupation. It contributes to the prevention and to the buildup of toxic metabolites, thus reducing the negative effects on overall plant health and vitality.


The application of Phyter helps to establish a strong relationship among plant roots, stems and leaves, thereby contributing to greater growth, healthier plants and greater yield potential. Phyter can help to suppress the outbreak of diseases such as Fusarium, Botrytis, Sclerotinia, Phomopsis and many more.


Over 25 years of University research and field testing that have proved the organisms contained in Phyter Foliar to be a very effective foliar-applied plant defense catalyst and protector. It is made from beneficial fungi and designed with an excellent shelf life. In addition to its resistance boosting properties, Phyter may increase germination rates up to 15% in many crops, promote up to 10% faster emergence, and produce, on average, up to 15% larger root mass. It has the potential to ease environmental stress and, as a result, may increase yield by 10-30%. Phyter Foliar is a preventative organic product which is most effective when applied before the crop has become infected with pathogens or diseases.


Phyter colonizes leaf tissue, and may be effective in supressing instances of the following pathogens, specifically for the following crops that they affect:

Pythium Root Rot     
soybeans, peas, beans, and leafy vegetables
Rhizoctonia canola, rapeseed, mustards
Aphanomyces peas, lentils, fava beans
Fusarium wheat, barley, corn, cereal grains, berries, hemp, peppers
Asochyta peas, pulses
Botrytis fruits, berries, vegetables, grapes, hemp
Phytophera soybeans
Phomopsis soybeans, hemp, grapes, sunflower
Sclerotinia soybeans, sunflower, hemp, berries, canola


What is in Phyter Foliar?

Phyter Foliar contains Clonostachys rosea. Contains Silica as a carrier.


How do I use Phyter Foliar?

Phyter Foliar is designed to be spray-applied directly onto the leaf surface and can be combined with herbicide applications for efficient field management.


Field Crops: Apply an early foliar (V4-V6) using 30-50 g/ac, added to clean, tepid water. Apply a late foliar (early bloom) using 40-60 g/ac.


Vegetables and Fruit: Apply a foliar using 60-100g/ac in early development stages and again at 80-120 g/ac at early bloom.


Use 50 mesh screen. Avoid spray periods when rainfall is expected within 8 hours. Do not irrigate within 8 hours to allow for optimum colonization. Ensure complete coverage using a fine foliar spray. Maintain good agitation of spray mixture. Spray to slight foliar run off. Evening application will allow plants to remain wet as long as possible allowing for good colonization. Do not mix with fungicides. Can be mixed with an herbicide.


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The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.

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