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NTS K-Rich™.
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A high analysis of pH-buffered liquid potassium complexed with citric acid

Potassium (K) is involved in numerous biochemical and physiological processes within the plant which are vital to plant growth. Potassium is essential for translocation of sugars and starch formation; it is also required for leaf stomata opening/closing, strengthens plants, and improves plant resistance to drought and disease. Therefore, consistent availability of this critical nutrient can have profound effects on yield, quality and stress tolerance, and resistance. 

In all crop production, it is important to provide the nutrient requirements of the crop to gain sufficient yields and maintain the fertility of the soil. Insufficient soluble potassium during critical growth stages can result in under-developed fruit and grain which severely reduces marketable yields.

While potassium is needed by all crops for proper development and production, fruit trees and potatoes have a particularly high potassium requirement. Fruit, vegetables, and grain crops require increased potassium during fruit/seed fill stage to aid filling, ripening, and color formation. This is because there is competition for energy between developing fruit and vegetative growth which may limit root growth and nutrient uptake, including K. 

Applications of K-Rich™ can help meet the crop's increased demand for potassium at critical growth stages.


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How to Apply

K-Rich is a highly plant-available form of potassium that facilitates energy transfer, can improve stress tolerance, and improves color, quality, yield & storability. K-Rich is a super-available, citrate-complexed source of potassium-containing over 30% potassium, ideal for optimum flower/fruit/seed production. K-Rich comes in a clear formulation suitable for all crop stages.


Use as a foliar spray on broadacre, vegetable, turf, ornamentals, orchards, vineyards, and pasture at 1L - 3L / acre depending on the crop, timing, and based on the results of tissue analysis. 

* A jar test should be conducted when mixing TrueLaunch with any other product to ensure compatibility.

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