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A microbial inoculant blend containing large numbers of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) of four different species

MycoApply® Ultrafine Endo contains a diverse combination of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi species to help improve nutrient efficiency, drought tolerance and maximize yield potential. These beneficial fungi rapidly establish a symbiotic relationship with your crop, producing hyphae that can access small soil spaces that root hairs can’t. These hyphae expand beyond the root zone, increasing the root surface area by as much as 50 times and producing enzymes that release plant-available nutrients to your crops.

What's in it?

MycoApply® Ultrafine Endo contains four (4) species of arbuscular endomycorrhizal fungi (AMF).


/Acre Rate



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How to Apply

How should I use it?

MycoApply® can be used as a Seed Treatment, for Fertigation/Soil Application, on Golf Fairways & Sports Fields, Golf Greens, Pasture, Liquid Injection, and as a Seedling/Runner/Tubestock Planting/Transplant Treatment.

MycoApply® products can be utilized in conjunction with many professional fungicides. To view the interactions between these and mycorrhizal fungi, please click here. You can also view the types of plants compatible with EndoMycorrhizal Fungi here

How much do I apply and when should I apply MycoApply Ultrafine Endo?

Apply MycoApply Ultrafine Endo as a seed treatment before planting. Use 1-2kg per tonne of seed.

When mixed with liquid starter fertilizer, use 100-150g/acre, depending on organic matter levels. Fields with lower levels of organic matter should use higher rates to ensure effective populations.

When adding to starter fertilizer, be aware that MycoApply Ultrafine Endo is a suspendable powder and can only pass through a #50 screen. Use appropriate screens and squeeze pump nozzles so clogging does not occur. 

Because MycoApply forms a suspension when mixed with water and does not dissolve, constant agitation is required during application to prevent equipment blockages. Spore sizes can be up to 260 μm (0.26 mm) 

* A jar test should be conducted when mixing MycoApply® with any other product to ensure compatibility.

Rate per Acre



Stage of Application

Seed and Soil

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