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Manganese Sulfate.
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A high-analysis source of the micronutrient manganese (Mn)

Manganese plays an essential role in photosynthesis and, when available in adequate amounts, can enhance stress tolerance. It is an activator for over 35 different enzymes and increases lignin biosynthesis which can reduce attacks from soil-borne pathogens. Therefore, applications of Manganese Sulfate can be effective at improving disease resistance and help to activate important enzymatic processes for an overall higher functioning plant.

• Manganese Sulfate is delivered in a highly soluble (99.5% minimum) powdered format and contains a guaranteed minimum of 31.5% manganese and 18.5% sulfur.


/Acre Rate

0.5 - 1lb


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How to Apply

Manganese Sulfate should be applied as a foliar with glyphosate and other herbicides to reduce yield drag. It can also be applied as part of your regular foliar feeding solution or by itself if a deficiency is shown on soil and/or tissue analysis.

General Foliar Spray
• Application of Manganese Sulfate should be based on soil and tissue analysis. In general, when a deficiency is evident, 0.5-1lb per acre is adequate to supply the necessary quantity to alleviate a deficiency in the soil. It can be applied every 14 - 20 days, or as needed. Smaller amounts, applied more frequently are best to alleviate a deficiency in the soil. 

* A jar test should be conducted when mixing Manganese Sulfate with any other product to ensure compatibility.

Rate per Acre

0.5 - 1lb


Stage of Application


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