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Magnesium Sulfate 9.8%.
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A highly soluble and rich source of magnesium and sulfur

Magnesium Sulfate is an excellent source of available magnesium which is often referred to as the "powerhouse behind photosynthesis". Magnesium is vital for plant growth and health as it serves to metabolize carbohydrates.  Its use is associated with a fast "green-up" of the plant because of its role in enabling photosynthesis, the resulting product of which is chlorophyll (the green).

• Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate powder is delivered in a highly soluble and easy-to-use format that contains 48.3% magnesium sulfate and 12.7% Sulfur.


/Acre Rate

3 - 5lbs


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How to Apply

Magnesium Sulfate is applied as a foliar when a magnesium deficiency is evident. Lighter-colored leaves and leaf outlines that are dry and brittle can be signs of a magnesium deficiency. To apply magnesium sulfate, the salt crystals will need to be dissolved. These crystals are highly soluble for ease of application.

General Foliar Application
• The rate of application should be determined based on the results from a tissue analysis, but, in general, rates are between 3 - 5lbs per acre, dissolved into 75 - 100L water. 

* A jar test should be conducted when mixing Magnesium Sulfate with any other product to ensure compatibility.

Rate per Acre



Stage of Application


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