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Enviro Potassium 0-0-14.
Product Information

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A high-energy, potent source of plant-available potassium

Enviro Potassium can be used to supply plant-available potassium in organic production systems. Potassium is a major plant nutrient that is involved in numerous processes including photosynthesis, plant stress mitigation, enzyme activation, and many more. Potassium is involved in the water regulation of plants and is known to improve drought resistance.


/Acre Rate

1 - 2L


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How to Apply

Enviro Potassium has a 14% soluble potash in a liquid, plant-available form. It is uniquely formulated as a potassium complex to be readily absorbed into plants. Potassium is highly mobile within a plant.

Foliar Application:
• 1 - 2L / acre. Applied a maximum of 4 applications per season
• 1 - 2L / acre. Applied a maximum of 4 applications per season

* A jar test should be conducted when mixing Enviro Potassium with any other product to ensure compatibility.

Rate per Acre

1- 2L


Stage of Application


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