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Boron POwder 20.5%.
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A pure source of micronutrient boron for enhanced reproduction.

While calcium is called the trucker of all nutrients, boron is said to be the steering wheel because it is responsible for "steering" calcium into the plant. For this reason, boron, although needed in only very small amounts, is crucial to the uptake of calcium. 

• Increase uptake of minerals into the plant

• Maintaining a balance between sugar and starch

• Bring calcium into the plant


/Acre Rate

0.5 lbs


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How to Apply

Borates, such as Boron Powder 20.5% in solid form, can be applied directly onto soil, wherein humid conditions they will readily dissolve then be taken up by the plants’ roots. However, the most effective application method is foliar spraying.  Dissolving the boron powder in water or adding it to a foliar solution benefits plants because intake is generally faster and more effective through the leaf, especially when applied with fulvic acid powder.

Typically, a boron deficiency can be remedied with the application of just 0.5 lbs per acre. Common application timing is at pre-flowering. Boron can be applied by itself or with calcium applications. Because Boron is highly leachable, for best results, boron should be applied with a chelator such as fulvic acid or humic acid containing fulvic acid to give the boron some "staying power" in the soil.

* A jar test should be conducted when mixing Boron 20.5% with any other product to ensure compatibility.

granule or Powder


Rate per Acre



Stage of Application

Soil and foliar

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