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NTS Bio-Plex™.
Product Information.

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NTS Bio-Plex™ enables biologically-induced plant growth promotion achieved through the enhancement of leaf life - USA ONly

NTS Bio-Plex is a foliar inoculant that produces a complex, multi-dimensional growth response resulting from increased nitrogen and vitamin availability. With access to atmospheric nitrogen, your applied nitrogen, and its associated cost, can be reduced. With an increased supply of nitrogen,  the crop will enjoy higher Brixº with increased yield and quality.  

What's in NTS Bio-Plex™?

NTS Bio-Plex™ is a liquid microbial product that includes a blend of Azotobacter species which are finely tuned nitrogen-fixers, that utilize carbon exudates from the leaf to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere directly into the leaf along with a range of microbes that release natural growth promotants such as gibberellic acid, cytokinins, auxins and indoleacetic acid (IDAA). Bio-Plex also contains species that produce vitamins including C, E, and B groups, as well as a range of organisms that secrete a substance that can help maintain the balance of beneficials on the leaf surface.

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How to Apply

NTS Bio-Plex™can be used as a seedling treatment or foliar spray, as follows: 

Foliar Spray:
• Broadacre Crops and Pasture - Use 50 mL/ac in 25 – 50 L water, depending on canopy closure. Apply as required.

• Vegetables - Use 100 mL per 100 L water up to 160 mL/ac equivalent. Apply every 2 weeks or as required

• Orchards & Vineyards - Use 100 mL per 100 L water up to 280 mL/ac equivalent. Apply every 3 – 4 weeks or as required

• Ornamentals & Turf - Use 100 mL per 100 L water up to 160 mL/ac equivalent. Apply every 3 – 4 weeks or as required.

• Use 10 mL per 10 L water and apply as required.

Seedling Treatment
• Dip seedlings in a solution of 1 mL per L

Because it contains live micro-organisms, do not mix NTS Bio-Plex™ with fungicides/bactericides, toxic chemicals, or soil fumigants.

* A jar test should be conducted when mixing NTS Bio-Plex™ with any other product to ensure compatibility.

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Stage of Application

Seed and Foliar

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