Fulvic Acid is your Super Hero for Superplant Production


Try our TrueHume Fulvic 70 100% Soluble 790% Fulvic Acid Powder


Its incredibly small molecular size makes it a perfect carrier for delivery of nutrients into the plant. Added to foliar sprays, this incredible substance can boost the effects of your foliar fertilzers and inprove fertilizer efficiency.


As a superhero for nutrient delivery, Fulvic Acid has many other super powers that enhance crop production:

• It's a powerful organic electrolyte;

• It enhances cell division and elongation which magnifies root growth with obvious benefits;

• It increases stomata opening and transpiration and assists plant respiration and improves respiration of beneficial micro-organisms.

• When added to foliars, it increases the plant’s oxygen uptake capacity with an associated increase in chlorophyl production and an increase in the permeability of plant membranes, improving the uptake of nutrients;

• It has a unique capacity to dissolve minerals and trace elements which fast-tracks the plant availability of rock minerals such as rock phosphate and lime.

• It can interact with sunlight to enhance photosynthesis and even serves as "artificial sunlight" as a catalyst for photosynthesis on cloudy days;

• It can absorb a part of the harmful UV radiation which can delay the decomposition of UV unstable active substances such as Pyrethrum, thus enhancing the effectiveness of chemicals so you have to apply less, saving you both time and money;

• It is a potent, natural chelating agent, slowing oxidation and converting metallic elements into readily absorbable, bio-available nutrition;

• It's high CED and very small molecular size allow fulvic-chelated minerals to rapidly enter through plant cells;

• It offers drought protection due to improved moisture storage.

• It also can detoxify pollutants in the soil by absorbing them and catalyzing their rapid breakdown;

• It dissolves silica and magnifies the many benefits of this element.

• It directly influences numerous enzymatic processes and stimulates the plant’s immune system.


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