The Hatzenbichler "Original Harrow"

The Smooth Operator. 


Hatzenbichler Original Harrow image

The first Hatzenbichler "Original Harrow” was first produced in 1952 and remains today to be the best alternative to chemical weed control available.


The function of the harrow is to break the soils surface in order to disrupt weed germination and emergence, thus reducing weed establishment to a minimum. 


With the ability to adapt to any ground surface condition, the Original Harrow offers smooth operation, especially where larger working widths are required to cover larger acreages efficiently. The Original Harrow's ultra-smooth operation can be attributed to its unparalleled adjustability of both the harrow field and tines. Due to its unique configurability, the Original Harry is ideal for use across a wide range of crops including cereals, corn, sugar beets, canola, garlic, soybeans, peas, potatoes, vegetables, forage and cover crops. 


Used together with the Hatzenbichler pneumatic seeding machine, this combination of equipment offers excellent field management options. The seeding machine adapts easily and allows for easy cover crop applications or seeding while, simultaneously, attacking weeds.  


Award-Winning Design

The Original Harrow has a working width from 1.50m up to 27.00m and comes standard in both 3-point hitch and trailed models which are designed with a unique "shear" folding system to achieve a compact footprint for trouble-free transport.


The harrow is built on a special steel frame and each harrow field is individually suspended on chains which enables its excellent ground tracking characteristics.


Hatzenbichler Original harrow Close tines imageThe harrow bed is designed for optimal tine density with six tine bars which are movable and has 2-disk storage which guarantees perfect ground adaption.


The gyroscopic effect of the tines and triple coiling ensures full-surface coverage that will not "stripe". The tines are designed to vibrate perfectly on your soil for full field coverage, while preventing crop damage. The protected spring turn prevents pinching off the tips of the plants.



The Tines

The Original Harrow is equipped with tines measuring 6, 7 or 8mm diameter, constructed of oil-temptered hardened spring wire which awards the tines a long working life and eliminates breakage. Designed and specially shaped for arable cultivation, these tines produce the the optimum vibration effect through triple coiling for the greatest effectiveness in arresting the establishment of weeds.


The six tine bar of the harrow field is adjusted with a lever, or hydraulically, to achieve the required inclination. The pressure of the tines can be adjusted centrally at each harrow field. This is done with precision accuracy by choosing one of 10 settings (0-90°) allowing for ultimate variability and configurability, according to field conditions.


The combination of the lateral vibration of the tines and driving speed allow for comprehensive processing.


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