Camera Steering Assistant


Steering with mechanical accuracy and efficiency.



camera steering assist close 600x300The Camera Steering Assistant is an option that can be installed onto the Hatzenbichler Interrow Cultivator. Its purpose is to enable more accurate mechanical work, while enhancing efficiency and convenience for the operator. In addition to supporting the driver, the Camera Steering Assistant enables accuracy at higher working speeds and, in this way, enables high volume performance.  The camera system, complete with colour display and two optical lenses offers precision row detection.


Installing the Camera Steering Assistant onto the Interrow Cultivator allows the cultivator to be operated within very close proximity to plant roww, resulting in a cleanly and precisely-cultivated field.


camera steering assist 600x300The Hatzenbichler camera steering assistant is only available and retrofittable with Hatzenbichler interrow cultivators. The camera with its two optical lenses is mounted over the plant rows on one of three different types of sliding frames ranging from Light to Heavy XL to match your operational requirements.


A dual-cylinder design allows the same shunting speed on the left and on the right sides to a total width of 500mm. On the “Standard” and “Heavy XL” come equipped on 2-piece stabilized wheeled mounting.