Farm Equipment Overview



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Timeless design, expert craftsmanship, quality materials and heavy-duty construction are all cornerstones of the Hatzenbichler name. The Hatzenbichler line of specialty tillage equipment is designed and manufactured exclusively in St. Andrä, Austria where attention to every detail is paramount in the construction of every piece of equipment ordered and delivered.


From top grade metal to paint finishes, no component of this equipment is ever compromised. Only the best is used so your investment pays you back for years to come.  As you look through the Hatzenbichler line, you'll quicky recognize the unique features, designed with the unique requirements of the Nutrition Farmer in mind.


Agriculture Solutions is proud to join forces with Regen Ag Solutions of Elie, Manitoba to extend Canadian support and distribution of the entire line of Hatzenbichler equipment across Ontario. We have invested in the support resources that can help you to select, set up and operate this amazing machinery with seamless integration into your existing operation.  We look forward to working with you.