Magnesium Sulfate (e-store)

Magnesium Sulfate (e-store)

Price range : CAD $48.50 to CAD $48.50

A highly soluble and rich source of magnesium and sulfur.


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Magnesium sulfate is an inorganic salt. It is often referred to as Epsom salt in the heptahydrate sulfate form (epsomite). 


Many know about Epsom salt from its use in the beauty and health industry as a component of bath salts used to soothe sore muscles. However, Epsom salt is also used in Agriculture and can be a very economical way to improve crop production through improved availability of the crucial ingredient to photosynthesis, Magnesium.  



The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


Category: Fertilizer/Foliar.

Nutrient(s): Micronutrients.





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