Life Force Bio-Plex product label

Life Force Bio-Plex

Price range : CAD $440.00 to CAD $440.00

Life Force Bio-Plex™ enables biologically-induced plant growth promotion achieved through the enhancement of leaf life.


Life Force Bio-Plex is a foliar inoculant that produces a complex, multi-dimensional growth response resulting from increased nitrogen and vitamin  availability. With access to atmospheric nitrogen, your applied nitrogen, and its associated cost, can be reduced. With increased supply of nitrogen,  the crop will enjoy higher brix with increased yeild and quality. 



The products we offer are designed to be used together as part of a full-year nutritional program. For more information on use, application rates and timing for specific crops contact Agriculture Solutions today.


Life Force Bio-Plex™ is a registered trademark of Nutri-Tech Solutions P/K (NTS)


Category: Microbial/Foliar.






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