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TrueHume Organic Soluble Humate Granules

TrueHume Organic Soluble Humate Granules

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TrueHume Soluble Organic Humate Granules are high in humic and fulvic substances, containing 95% potassium humate and 25% fulvic acid.


TrueHume Organic Soluble Humate Granules are made using a unique Micro-Quad filtration process that ensures total solubility. When applied directly to soil, humic acid is a powerful fungi promoter, a nitrogen stabilizer and phosphate complex agent.


Along with their natural chelating and complexing properties, the ability of humates to increase permeability of cells can improve nutrient uptake by up to 40%. Humates can also buffer pH and reduce the effects of excessive elements (e.g. sodium), toxic chemicals and heavy metals.


Category: Humates. Approved for Organics.

Nutrient(s): Potassium.


Soluble Humate Granules are manufactured by Humic Growth Solutions.