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TrueHume Diamond 12% Organic Liquid Humates

TrueHume Diamond 12% Organic Liquid Humates

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Liquid Humates are a natural, chelating blend of humic substances containing both humic and fulvic acids, that have been solublized in water to a 12% solution.

Not all humate sources are created equal. Our organic liquid humates come from a deposit of Leonardite (brown coal) that is considerd to be the finest in the world.  Liquid humates can provide immediate benefit to plants and also improve soil conditions as they are natural chelators or "claws" to hold onto nutrients and water in the soil. Liquid humates can hold onto all nutrients and raise your CEC for maximum nutrient holding capacity. Liquid humates can be used as a soil amendment, a foliar spray, and a fertilizer enhancer.


Humic acid plays an important role in promoting plant growth and root development. Humic acids can help to promote better seed germination, healthier plants, and improved yields. Liquid humates mix well with other products and help to break down fall crop residue. It can help to break up compacted soil, enhancing water penetration and promoting better root zone growth and development. As a chelating agent, it optimizes any fertilizer program and often can reduce future nutrient requirements. Liquid humates assist in reducing nutrient leaching and salinity build-up in soils and can help stimulate healthy microbial activity in the soil.


Category: Humates. Approved for Organics.

Nutrient(s): Potassium.


Liquid Organic Humates are approved for organic inputs in Canada and the USA. Our liquid humates are OMRI listed. Check with your certifer before using.

Liquid Organic Humates are manufactured by Humic Growth Solutions.