Growing Quality Soybeans

Soybeans are unique plants in that they have a very unusual and mutually beneficial "friendship" with soil microbes.  In this relationship, certain beneficial bacteria found in the soil called rhizobium form nodules on the roots of your soybean plants that fix nitrogen from the atmosphere to make it available to the soybeans in a plant-usable form.


Third Trifoliolate of Soybean plants growing in Southern Ontario Canada imageDetermining Yield

The soybean's lifecycle is broken down into nine distinct growth stages. At each of these stages, the plant is determining certain yield factors such as the number of blossoms it will produce and the number of beans per pod. To maximize genetic potential, not only for yield but also for quality, a soybean plant needs optimal nutrition at each of these critical determining points in its life. For instance, phosphorus and manganese are key nutrients for promoting optimal blossoming and pollination.


The Right Fertilizer Program

Developing a fertilizer program that considers your existing soil profile and promotes microbial activity is key to any successful soybean operation. Our programs specialize in exactly this. Agriculture Solutions offers targeted, nutritional fertilizer programs that deliver the right nutrition, at the right time, so your crop can reach its genetic potential. We offer both conventional and organic fertilizer blends and full-season programs to make your soybean crop the best it can be.  Contact us for more infomation on creating a customized program for your soybeans.



Soybean field crop - pic


We saved this field of soybeans in Arthur, Ontario from risk of yield loss due to a severe potassium deficiency and turned it around in only one week with high-energy foliar nutrition.


Soybean Program