Growing Quality Corn

While it is true that all plants need the same basic minerals and nutrients to grow and reproduce, corn is a unique plant species that has its own unique nutrient preferences, based on its life cycle. For instance, did you know that corn doesn't fix its own nitrogen?


Corn growing in Southern Ontario imageGrowth Stages

A corn plant's life cycle is broken down into eight distinct growth stages. At each of those stages, the plant is determining certain yield factors such as the number of ears it will have, the number of rows of kernels and the number of kernels per row. To reach full genetic potential for not only yield, but also quality, that corn plant needs optimal nutrition at each of those critical determining points in its life.


The Right Fertilizer

This is where we come in. Agriculture Solutions has designed fertilizer programs for your corn that deliver the right nutrients, at the right time, so your crop can reach its genetic potential for quality and yield. We offer both conventional and organic fertilizer blends and full-season programs to make your corn the best it can be.


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Sample Corn program