What is soil profiling?


Soil profiling is the art of creating a character map of your soil.

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We uncover the inner personality of your soil to reveal its strengths and its limiting factors.

The upper crust of the earth has undergone much change since the beginning of time. Glaciers and volcanoes, fires and floods have all left their mark on every single acre of land across the globe. But each acre was left a little different than its neighbouring acre and so, every farm is unique and every field on every farm is unique.


A personality test for your soil.

As soil health advisers, it is our job to characterize your soil to identify its inner strengths - and understand its systemic deficiencies - to determine if it's ready to support your crops.  We offer a complete soil profiling service. 


We start with a sample.

Soil Profiling starts with a sample. Soil samples are collected from several representative areas of each of your fields and combined to eliminate outlier data. Next, the samples are submitted to the lab for analysis. Several tests are performed on each of your soil samples to determine the amount of both reserve nutrients and water soluble (plant-available) nutrients that is present in your soil. 

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Specifically, your soil is analyzed for content of organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, ph, sulphur, zinc, manganese, iron, copper and boron. A saturated paste test is also conducted to measure the amount of water-soluble (plant-available) content of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and sulfur. With this information we are able to determine how your soil should be supplemented in order to best support the requirements of your crop.  


A diagnosis of balance.

Once we know what's in your soil, and what's not in your soil, we can create a specific plan that brings balance to your soil for each field, considering each crop, not only for planting but also for the entire season.

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