Soil EC zone mapping offers cost savings and efficiency


Agriculture Solutions now offers Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC) Mapping. Soil EC mapping is a low- cost, effective way to identify and chart different zones for soil testing, spreading fertilizer and plant tissue testing based on the soil's electrical conductivity or EC.


What is soil Electrical Conductivity (EC)?

Soil EC is a measurement of how much electrical current soil can conduct. Soil textures (sand, silt, loam or clay) conduct different amounts of current. For example, smaller clay particles conduct more current than do larger silt and sand particles.


What is soil EC mapping?

Veris EC1000 200x143200The EC Mapping device is produced by Veris Technologies, Inc. Soil EC is detected and captured by this machine as it is pulled through the field as seen in the photo. Veris products are of excellent quality, and are being used in over 25 countries, world-wide, to map farms with the accuracy and intensity you need to capture the soil variability that exists on your farm.


Soil EC mapping creates a comprehensive picture of the soil EC, as represented in"zones" of your farm. Zones appear as different colors on your map such as in this example (below).


Why should you care about Soil EC mapping?

Soil EC Map imageBetter accuracy from soil testing: The zones from the soil EC map are used to designate different locations in the field from which soil samples can be pulled. Samples are taken at various locations within each EC zone.
Prescription fertilizer mapping: Based on the soil samples that are collected from the zones of the soil EC map, we can see the fertility variability on your farm. From the mapping and for each zone, we can provide a variable rate fertilizer prescription that is based on the field's unique spatial characteristics and nutrient requirements.
Time + money saved: Having this data saves you time, and ultimately cost, since not all zones require the same level and/or type of nutrients. You significantly increase efficiency on all fertilizer applications.
Less fertilizer wasted + environmental benefit: Because you'll know how much fertilizer to spread where, over-fertilizing is minimized, resulting in reduced leaching and run-off and better balance for enhanced availability and uptake.
Your investment lasts a lifetime: Unlike soil testing which is recommended to be done every 1-3 years, soil EC mapping is completed once, so your investment in this service lasts for the life-time of your farm.
The power of Soil EC Mapping: only add what fertilizer is needed, where it is needed, according to your costs of production.


Our Soil EC Mapping service is available from first thaw until hard freeze.  Call 855 247 6548 to schedule your mapping.




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