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12 December 2012

All Disease is Caused by Nutrient Deficiencies
All Disease is Caused by Nutrient Deficiencies

Francis Chaboussou, in his book, Health Crops, states that spraying of chemicals is the cause of disease pressure in crops. Dr. Carey Reams says that all disease pressure in plants is directly related to nutrient deficiency in the plant.

Foliar feeding with plant available nutrients helps to build immunity to ward off disease so you don’t have to. This is because insects and pathogens instinctively know what type of plant material they can digest. Depending on the insect, the digestive system can be rather simple or actually fairly complex. But insects won’t attack healthy plants because they actually can’t digest them.

Learn more about how to test your plants to see how healthy they really are.

“The more poisons we apply, the more diseases and pests we get.” – Joe Lutzenberger, Former Brazilian Minister for the Environment



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